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Another One Down…

December 31, 2012

I want to say something deep and meaningful here.  I mean, it’s New Year’s Eve!  We’re 12 years into the era of Y2K and jetpacks and hoverboards!

Actually, going according to that standard, we’d be 12 years into the era of crucial disappointment.  But, hey – we have iPads – not only iPads but three or four bloomin’ generations of those freakin’ things.

Not too terribly long ago we’d have to plug our PC towers into the phone line and have it dial in for access to a BBS.  Now I have a cell phone with 6 x 10 to the 23rd power more processing power than my first PC and I it has hi-speed internet access pretty much anywhere (in my pants! …literally!  I keep it in my pants pocket!).  

No longer do we need to go to the record store to buy music; just open your iTunes app and browse through the countless bytes of musical data.

This kind of reflection has been done before, but it’s my first time.  This is only my third blog post (during this regeneration), after all.  I’m still trying to find my blog-legs.

So, to mix up an already familiar format a bit, I’ll mix in another format that’s also familiar: Highlights of 2012!

– Got a dream job as a traveling photographer
– Get to serve a noble cause as part of that job
– Discovered Dr. Who
– Got several friends hooked on Dr. Who and Firefly
– Embraced and celebrated my nerdish tendencies and tastes
– Traveled the width of the Pacific
– Got to go home for Christmas and New Year’s
– Relocated to a tropical paradise
– Rediscovered the value and treasure of friends, family and love

I suppose bits of that could be construed as a bit sentimental and sappy, but at least I’m coming out of it with a couple of sonic screwdrivers and more friends.

Looking ahead, 2013 promises to be a heck of a year.

Feliz lang syne!


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