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Is There FiberONE For Blogging?

January 13, 2013

Because when it comes to blogging I want to stay regular.

A couple of things: I’ve already overthought this post and have now turned it into my worst nightmare – a blog post about blogging.

“Oh, I want to write something but I don’t know what so I’m just going to come at it stream-of-consciousness style.”

Part of me says that’s amateur and I’ve got to come out of the gate flying instead of crawling.

Well, if I’m a crawler, so be it; we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?

Some of y’all have somehow followed me from blog attempt to blog attempt and may be thinking, “Well, Chuck, this ain’t your first rodeo, you’ve got this.”

I reckon I do and I don’t.

One thing I’ve been learning and relearning over the last several years is that you’ve just gotta be you. We’ve all just got to be ourselves.

I know I have a talent for writing and so I think that when I start a blog it has to be freakin’ awesome and life-changing for all who read it and every single post has to live up to that standard of perfection.


In my mind’s eye I just blew up that idea with a powerful explosive.

Here’s an animated (when you click it) .gif for effect:



So to heck with it. I’ve twiddled my thumbs too long and have been inspired too much in the last couple of weeks to not do something.

If there’s another thing I’ve learned, mainly in the last year or so – but especially in the last couple of weeks – is that writing is a discipline. The prolific and brilliant author Neil Gaiman talks about it in his interview on the Nerdist podcast, my friend Randy back home has demonstrated this, and a new friend of mine in Maryland has also demonstrated this and encouraged me to continue onward.

About two years ago I began recovering from a heartbreaking experience. In the last year I’ve begun to rediscover myself after I had given so much of myself away the years before.

Sidebar: in that I think I finally learned what it means to “guard your heart” and why that’s so important.

In the last three to four months I’ve really begun to embrace that, and by that I mean myself, who I am.

When I share my interests with some people they laugh and say, “What a nerd!” Though now that I externalize that thought, I realize that they are in the minority of people I commonly encounter. Regardless of how people react, I just have to stay true to myself. When I do, that’s when things tend to go better – or rather, that’s when I’m better able to handle things; thus, life goes a little more smoothly.

I’ve always been a bit of a people-pleaser and that’s something that’s woven into my emotional DNA. I can’t escape that just like I can’t escape the physical compulsion to eat – it’s for survival; it’s part of my identity and if I deny it, I suffer. The key is, do I let that compulsion to eat drive me into obesity or do I keep it at a healthy level?

Same thing with people-pleasing, right? Do I submit to that compulsion so much that I bend myself to breaking for the approval of others, or do I keep it at a healthy level and be considerate and thoughtful of other peoples’ needs? It is a discipline – do I run me or do my instincts? Am I an animal or a human being?


Well, looky here – a blog post not strictly about blog posting. It starts out that way, but then it evolves (or “develops” for you diehard Creationists).

There ain’t nothing fancy about this. This is raw Chuck, streaming consciousness, barely-edited.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and have a wonderful day.

Song playing when the muse struck: OutRun “Passing Breeze (Latin Jazz Samba 2010 Edition)” OC Remix


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