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Of Rabbits and Garden Gnomes

January 14, 2013

Day two and again I can’t think of anything to write about. Yesterday was good because I just started and the idea grew into something else. Perhaps the same thing will happen again today.

I’m a photographer and I never really imagined I would one day get to tell people that’s what I do for a living. It’s how I make money. I’m told to photograph things by the people who authorize my paychecks and that’s what I do.

How awesome is that?

Now, this comes 10 years after I graduated with a degree somewhat related to this field. It comes after ten years of going from job to job, paying bills and chasing varying shades of grass across innumerable fences. And I’m not just any photographer – I’m a military photographer. Currently I only work on humanitarian missions, but still, this is a pretty sweet gig and I recognize that.

After those ten years do I feel like I deserve it? Do I feel entitled to getting a break?

Abso-freakin’-lutely NOT.

It’s not as if I finally settled on a certain patch of a certain shade of grass on the specific side of any given fence.

I just stopped running.

I stopped going from yard-to-yard in search of that ever-elusive garden gnome which we think will make everything perfect: the gnome of satisfaction.

Granted, it took a bit of a personal cataclysm to reduce my inertia to zero, but it happened and I’m grateful for it.

And then I began to look around in my own yard and see what I had. It’s a process that can take awhile, and I’m glad it has. It’s something you want to take your time with so you’re sure not to miss anything. You know what I found once I stopped all the higgledy-piggledy and took stock of what I already had? About seven of those dadgum gnomes.

You’ve got to find that satisfaction in what you already possess otherwise no manner of occupation, no accumulation of Pokemon cards, no scale of pay, no quality of spouse – nothing will ever be enough. Like a dog at a racetrack you catch the rabbit and would be like, “Now what? This is it? It’s not even a real rabbit!”

The rabbits we chase in life are never real.

Don’t just go on instinct; take stock of your life and make a plan. Don’t just go chasing a dream because someone tells you to – and certainly don’t chase someone else’s dream.

Dream your own dream.

Run with a purpose.


And don’t forget to lace up your sneaks and watch out for uneven terrain.


And hydrate.


SONG PLAYING WHEN THE MUSE STRUCK: Mega Man 2 “The Tragic Drowning of Heat Man” OC ReMix by TheGuitahHeroe


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