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Getting a Little Personal

February 5, 2013

So I’m going to get a little personal here.

I’m a Christian.

And I admit, I had thoughts of making this one of those cool, hipster-spiritual posts where I put a cool twist on faith and spirituality and describe how cool and quirky and alternative it is to be one.

Buuuuuuut if there’s anything I’m not it’s any of the adjectives above. I wouldn’t even describe myself as “quirky” – no, I go for the full-court press “weird” superlative. It’s not even a superlative – what am I saying? ABANDON PARAGRAPH!

Ah, there we are. So, why even do this? It’s like me meeting you for the first time and taking off my shirt and showing you my tattoo. That’s weird and socially awkward; unless we meet for the first time at a swimming pool or something.

Well, it’s just something I want to get out there. Is this going to make things weird? I don’t go up to people in public and say, “Hey, buster, I’m a Christian.” It kind of makes people weird. Well, sometimes it does. And usually it’s the Christian that gets all weird because he feels like he has to be bold with his faith and openly state it to anyone within earshot. Then his heart starts racing because he’s feeling like he’s doing something freakin’ hardcore and radical for Christ.

Well…that’s been my experience anyway. Just out and saying it is really no big deal, I’ve seen. It is nice to meet other Christians, so that could be a good reason for getting it out there, but another thing I’ve learned is to be dubious of those who just put themselves out there like that.

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SONG PLAYING WHEN THE MUSE STRUCK: When the Smoke Clears (The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen) – Humans + Gears: Xenogears Remixed – Geoffrey Taucer


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