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Action Must Be Taken

February 21, 2013

Hey everyone – thanks for the comments (mostly on Facebook) of encouragement, and I must admit, it was pretty freakin’ cool to be retweeted by none other than Mr. Jayne Cobb himself, @adamsbaldwin, but it’s all for nothing if more people don’t take action.  

You can use this link to find out who your congressional representative is:

Once you find him/her, there should be a link to their website from which you can write your own message and make your voice heard.  We can’t just have one or two or even five people doing this – everyone must take action if you want to be part of something that effects change.

If you say you care but do nothing, do you really care?  This isn’t like caring for some fictional plot in your favorite TV show, about which you can do nothing.

What does that say when millions of people are willing to petition a TV network to keep their favorite show on the air but won’t take 10 minutes to write to their Congressman about issues that will affect the whole nation?

You may not have voted, but you can make your voice heard.  Email, call, mail – cause a ruckus.

To quote my favorite fictional character, for his spirit lives on in this, “They’re not going to see this coming…I aim to misbehave.”



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