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In Which I Grapple With A Devious Doppelganger

March 11, 2013


Before and during each mission to SE Asia we’re all directed to take doxycycline to combat malaria germs or something.  For some reason, on certain physiologies it has the effect of making a person’s dreams more vivid or memorable (if there’s a difference).  Where you may not commonly remember your dreams, something in the doxy assists in that and it seems to make for some very odd dreams.  Following is the account of one such dream and I will feature them as they come up.


There was this man named Kyle Anderson. He looked a lot like me, but wasn’t me. From a distance you’d confuse him for me.

All throughout the dream he’d go through and do horrible things and I’d get the blame for them. He robbed stores, took advantage of women, lied to all my friends – and then he turned into Tim Moriarty and I turned into Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Watson came running up with a cup of tea and suggested we all just sit down and talk it out. Then Moriarty shot Watson and in turn shot himself and I turned back into my normal self and everyone thought I was this awful person.

When I woke up I still had the fear gripping me that everyone hated me and I had to look out the window to remind myself I’m in SE Asia and not London, England.


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