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Doxy Dreams – An Underwater Adventure

March 15, 2013

Some folks I’ve been acquainted with and myself were at some kind of theme park-like place based around some mythical sunken sea vessel. As part of the gimmick, everyone would ride around in these little boats that were on tracks to see the different exhibits – and it was all indoors, inside some kind of humongous warehouse.

All of a sudden, the place came under attack by ghouls with glowing eyes. One of them had the core to a radiological device – it was bright gold with some odd writings on it. The main ghoul did something to it to make it so it would detonate once it reached a certain depth and then it flung it down into the water.

I dove in after it and a couple of the ghouls chased after me. Then streaks of light came shooting out of the depths and drove the ghouls away. Unfortunately, the golden core was sinking out of sight and I was running out of air.

Suddenly, EVE from Wall*E came out of nowhere and provided me with a SCUBA regulator and then she shot my neck with some kind of ray so I could breathe underwater. A gill-ray, I guess.

Then she sent out some kind of sonar signal and the school of fish from Finding Nemo that makes all the shapes and makes fun of Nemo’s dad came swimming up in a great big swirl, creating a tornado that caught the core and brought it back up to the shallows.

Just then, out of nowhere, Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter appeared – under the water, riding their broomsticks. Only they were somewhat zombified versions of themselves. I say “somewhat” because though their flesh was decaying (and Ronald had an eye hanging out) they had their wits about them and weren’t trying to eat anyone. Unfortunately, none of them could cast a spell underwater, so Hermione gave me her wand and Harry used Occlumency (or whatever it’s called) to telepathically tell me what spell to cast.

“Alohomora!” I gurgled and the core opened up and out came a dazzling light that restored the three to their normal selves and then it shot down to the bottom of the water and the great mythical ship turned out to be real and was restored to its majestic greatness.

And then I woke up.


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  1. Thats some interesting dream.. haha!

  2. Dreams you have!

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