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Joy At All Times

September 25, 2013

There is a thin membrane between happiness and sadness.

Oftentimes both bleed through into each other.

The membrane, I believe, is joy.

Joy enables us to laugh while attending a funeral without being distasteful.

Joy reminds us that the happy times are rare, which makes them precious, while pointing out they are foretastes of the world to come.

Joy empowers us to engage impossible situations because no matter what the immediate outcome may be, we’re sure of the Ultimate Outcome. This is how joy sustains us through despair: not in a warm fuzzy or innate confidence, but in the shoulder of a friend upon which we can weep, cry, and wail.

Joy persists when despair resists.

Joy is not a tumultuous sea of emotion;
joy is the shore upon which the waves crash.

Joy is the membrane between happiness and sadness, keeping the two distinct, but not mutually exclusive.


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  1. So very true. Joy is not easy to maintain before falling into one of the sides.

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