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All May be Grace, but There Are Still Consequences

October 9, 2013


We may no longer be under the law of sin, but there’s no exemption from the third law of motion

“You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness.” – Romans 6:20

Being a slave to righteousness is much better than being a slave to sin. “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 6:23 All sin produces is death, or separation; at first separation from others leading to isolation and ultimately separation from God. But God’s gift (freely given as opposed to an earned wage) is life – eternal life; not just life everlasting but abundant life, awesome life. I mean, think of the kind of life you can have when you know you have nothing to fear, especially death?

Anyway, it’s a great thing. A life full of grace, because in that we’re forgiven of our sins – you can see a previous post about that (or, like, the Bible – New Testament mostly). So, according to God, we’re not punished for our sins. We screw up, there’s no revocation of salvation; God will never say, “Welp, you’ve used up all your chances. Game over, man; GAME OVER!!”


Say, for example, Joe Schmoe gets mad at Leonard for cutting him off in traffic. Joe goes into a little road rage and rear ends Leonard, causing Leonard’s car to spin out and tangle around a pine tree. Leonard survives, but he’s busted a few bones and has some internal bleeding. In spite of this, Joe’s a Jesus follower. He didn’t mean to cause the wreck, he was just expressing his anger. Regardless of intent, he’s genuinely sorry, he knows he did wrong, he confesses his sins and Blam-0 – God’s already forgiven him. Yay! No takebacks on Joe’s ticket to heaven.

And Leonard’s a forgiving sort; he holds no grudges – he’s had his bad days, too. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s in immense pain, about to go into shock and die if he doesn’t receive some medical attention right quick and in a hurry.

Even though we’re under grace, our actions still render consequences. People still get hurt from our blunders, big and small and they need time to heal. God’s a lot better at forgiving because He’s a pro; He freakin’ invented it for crying out loud. Us? People? We’re amateurs at best. It takes a lot of practice and sometimes a lot of time – and we have to heal. God’s invincible like that – He can’t be damaged or be imbued with any deficiency. We’re finite, we’re weak and delicate and bruise easily and break without much effort.

So grace is great – thumbs up! – but it’s not a license to just be a dick. And sometimes we need that pain from those we hurt to remember that.

But thank God for grace or there’d be no hope, no hope at all.


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