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Change is in the Air

January 13, 2014

…who’s throwing pennies??!

Ah – hello and welcome back. 🙂  

I’ve been out and about experiencing much of what life has to offer; mostly the shit end.  While that end of things is generally unpleasant I feel as though I’ve emerged with a bit more strength, resolve and sense of direction.

Hence, the title change!  I was inspired while watching The Princess Bride last night.  “Poor, Lost Circus Performers” would be a great band name, but I’m not in a band so I figured I’d use it for the blog.  In that, it’s not meant to be a simple grab at recognition or attempt to be clever, but it kind of fits….

And I’m also not trying to be a sadsack, feeling sorry for myself either; it’s merely embracing the reality of the situation.

POOR – when you look at the reality of it, life sucks.  But when you embrace that, then you can enjoy the goodies!  So, poor, yeah.  I’m not financially impoverished, just poor in spirit more often than not – melancholy – that’s the metaphorical droid I’m looking for.

LOST – I know where I am in life, but more often than not I find myself wondering, “How the fuck did I get here…?!”  And while I have an idea of where I’m headed, who knows where I’ll be in the future?  Who on earth truly does?  If you’ve solved this mystery, please, let the rest of us in on the secret.

CIRCUS PERFORMER – life’s a stage; or a circus!  And everyday we put on our costumes and make-up and get out there to put on a show for the crowd watching – a.k.a. EVERYONE.  Many of us sleep in our costumes, too.  Some of us put ourselves out there more than others, but we all fall under some measure of scrutiny and we all want to be the best we can be.  We’re all performing in the circus of life.

My one and only resolution for 2014 is to be me like I’ve never been me before.  Gusto is involved with that.  I don’t intend to try and shock everyone for the pure sake of shocking people (my fingers would get mighty tired if I tried that and I already feel arthritis setting in), but already, with this personal decision, some relationships have dramatically changed.  And that’s going to happen here.

Part of being me is writing.  I’ve been denying too much of myself for the sake of others and the blog has suffered for that.  

Part of being me is putting out content; there’s a podcast idea or two as well as a web series stuck in development hell (that of my own brain, locked up by my insecurities and fears) that will finally see the light of day.

So, that’s that.

For those who dig it, I hope you enjoy it and that we can have some good exchanges of ideas.

For those who don’t, fare thee well!


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