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Out The Window

January 23, 2014

Well, there went that idea – blogging regularly.

Ah, well, here we are, post 2 in the new year! Yes, 2014 is only 23 days old, so that’s still new.

I am in my first real new place – the Philippines! I’m on mission with my military organization (the associative “my” not the possessive) and it’s new, yet similar. It’s helpful in keeping up with my One Resolution in that creativity is built into the job; it’s my responsibility to take pictures and to take them well, so there’s that!

I’ve yet to fully engage in the other creative endeavors, but one rendition each will be done! Perhaps podcasting and YouTubing from another country – the novelty of it – will be enough to get me off my heiny and get it done.

I finally purchased my first full Daft Punk album! “Discovery” – I say “finally” because after listening to it I wonder how it is I didn’t come across it before now – I LOVE that music!

Alright – this is not a very interesting post because it doesn’t dig very deep. At the moment I am a bit sleepy but I here is a post because it needed to be done.

And we’ll continue again soon….

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