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Please Support My Project on inkshares…

August 24, 2015

…and buy a book!

I really don’t know what the proper way is to go about doing this – self-promotion – bleh.

BUT-!! I believe I have something of value to offer the world.

So there’s this website,

As you can see in the image (and the website if you click on it), it’s a crowdfunding publishing house. You know how crowdfunding works, right?

Creator gets idea – creator formulates enough of idea for proof of concept – creator posts to crowdfunding site (gofundme, kickstarter, etc) – people pledge money to creator to deliver – amount of pledges reaches level required to create – creator creates and brings something rad into the world.

With inkshares, you post a book you’ve written or want to write and solicit people to follow and/or preorder your book. There are two goals: 750 pre-orders nabs you e-book publication, 1,000 gets you phsyical publication. And with both comes inkshares’ publishing, marketing, and distribution services. The author retains the rights to his or her property and gets a percentage of the sales.


There’s this other website – a podcast, to be most specific:

The man behind it is Chris Hardwick and he’s all about promoting creativity and pursuing one’s passion, building community and making the world a better place.

Well, Nerdist and inkshares have teamed up to form a really rad contest:

The Nerdist Collection Contest.

From August 15 to September 30, aspiring authors can post books/book ideas in the sci-fi or fantasy genres and the top five books (the five with the most readers/followers) will be the five from which the Nerdist will select to invite to be part of their collection.

This means the Nerdist imprint goes on the winner’s book and with that comes marketing, publishing, etc and all that.

Now, for the other four in the top five that aren’t selected, regardless of where the pre-ordering level is, those four will STILL BE PUBLISHED, MARKETED, DISTRIBUTED!! Just without the Nerdist imprint.

My book is the first of a 13 part series – the series is called The Baker’s Dozen and the book is called The Frozen Wastes, a story of high adventure, a hybrid of sci-fi and fantasy! For all the details, to follow, to pre-order and even to read the first chapter of the book, click HERE: I SUPPORT YOU, BAILEY!

So I invite you to check it out, read it, if you dig it consider pre-ordering (but at the very least click on the follow button!) and then spread the love! Tell all your friends!

And I guess that’s it for now…


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